• Roskata

    Roskata - Dreamer

    Roskata himself is a dreamer! He loves to dream, but also to work hard for the development of our RockSchool community and the realization of his wildest dreams. For the members of our musical society in the country is the "The Innkeeper". His daily mission, besides dreaming how to make us better people, is related to the results achieved in this direction through the tools offered by our organization.

  • Sasho

    Sasho - Studio Master

    Sasho is the man behind the mixing desk. He spends hours in front of the computer to make music ideas come to live. He plays the drums in the band LieVeil and participated in a number of music projects, as an author, producer, arranger and performer. He loves football and can always make you laugh to tears.

  • Iliana

    Iliana - Volunteer Veteran

    Iliana describes herself as "a man full of dead ambitions and a desire to reborn them." Extremely sociable and social, she spends much of her spare time at RockSchool, where she came after booking a singing lesson. She helps with everything in the everyday life of RockSchool as well as in organizing and conducting events.

  • Pavel

    Pavel - Volunteer

    Pavel plays the drums, piano and guitar, composes and actively participates in musical workshops, concerts and events, and gives all of himself for the development of RockSchool and the music community. He likes to dedicate himself to music in all ways, he listens to various groups and performers. He plays drums in a band and likes to work with people in a team.

  • Damian

    Damian - Volunteer

    Damian is enthusiastic to develop his music skills and to help the Bulgarian music community with everything he can, to participate in the organization of concerts and the realization of musical projects. He is interested in metal music and heavier styles from an early age, but occasionally likes to listen to blues and jazz. He has participated in a vocal choir and has been actively involved in music since he discovered the guitar. Currently he is a vocalist in a band and likes to compose guitar music.

  • Dea

    Dea - Volunteer

    For Dea RockSchool is exactly what she's looking for as an environment and experience. For her music is a way of existence and expression and says she'll always look for her wherever she can. She has been learning to play the guitar from a young age, and has been involved in collaborative projects. She has also participated in school festivals and "Music Day" in Varna. She is taking drum lessons in RockSchool and is keen on studying studio engineering. She is ready to help with everyday tasks, participating in events, taking photos and playing the guitar anywhere, anytime. Aside from music, she also likes windsurfing, skiing and loves extreme sports.

  • Preslav

    Preslav - Volunteer

    Preslav is the guitarist of the band Plan B, takes singing lessons and is full of dreams for a future musical career. He participates actively in organizing and conducting concerts and workshops. Other interests in areas other than music - he likes to cook, go out with friends and travel. For him RockSchool is a place where he enriches his musical experience and creates new friendships.

  • Nikolay

    Nikolay - Volunteer

    Nikolay plays started playing the guitar from a young age and is currently the leading guitarist and vocalist of the band Equivalence, where he and the band create original music. For him RockSchool is an alternative place where he can develop his views and be in touch with other musicians. Nikolay is always active in conducting workshops, events and concerts and is happy to help with the daily tasks. Besides music, he has interests in psychology, writing and traveling.

  • Liubov

    Liubov - Volunteer

    Liubov is a volunteer at heart and traveler by nature, and music is always with her. She has played the violin, piano, drums, 2 years of classical flute and 5 years of pop and jazz singing. Currently she islaerning to play the piano, but says thather patience is running out quickly. In RockSchool she likes to be part of organizing and planning events or performing tasks requiring more creativity and communication. She is born in Moldova and has contacts with people from all over the world.