At the age of 7 he entered a music class at the Anton Strashimirov Primary School, where Dinyo Marinov continued to teach him until 2005, when he died suddenly. After that he continued his studies with Nedko Tsarev, who until entering Kotel also studied bagpipes with Dinyo Marinov. In 2011 he graduated from Anton Strashimirov Primary School and was admitted to Dobri Hristov National School in Varna, where he continued to study bagpipes and folk music. Then he taught him one of the big names in folk music - Dimitar Georgiev (Mutata), who is a classmate of Dinyo Marinov. Muta taught him until his death in the fall of 2015.

Until his graduation in 2016, Iliya studied bagpipes with one of Dimitar Georgiev's good students - Alexey Enchev. In 2016 he graduated from NSI "Dobri Hristov", receiving a diploma and a certificate of professional qualification.


  • Third prize at the Folklore Competition - Kermen
  • Third prize of "Primorsko Municipality - Competition of virtuosos of folk instruments"
  • Diploma for high achievements in the teaching of folk music and received national awards from the school "Anton Strashimirov"
  • Diploma from "Anton Strashimirov" primary school for excellent performance at the children's folk competition "Dinyo Marinov" Varna
  • First prize in the national folklore competition - "Sozopol Rainbow"
  • Five first prizes from the International Children's and Youth Festival - "A Tale for You"
  • Two first and two second prizes from the international art competition - "Joy on the beach"
  • Two second and two third prizes from the international youth competition - "Folklore without borders"
  • Three silver and three bronze pounds of Orpheus from the national folklore competition - "Orpheus Spring"
  • One special, three first, four second and two third prizes from the national competition for bagpipes and instrumental chamber ensembles - "Magic Rhythms"
  • Five first prizes and a special one from the national folklore competition - "Like living water"
  • Two special, four first, two second and two third prizes from the children's folklore competition - "Dinyo Marinov".

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