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We offer professional recording, mixing and mastering of music. Also, we offer patience, attention to the details and the great love for our work and especially for the music. In general - come to us and we will give form to your compositions :))


  • We offer professional studio recordings with an excellent set of microphones and recording equipment.
  • We also offer demonstrations, with all the bands recording all the songs.
  • We offer radio and television recordings - film music, commercials, jingles, audiobooks and more.


The editing is a key element in post-production that makes a song / album sound tight and professional. The editing process is quite time consuming, but it makes the results much more beautiful. You can send us multi-channel recording on individual tracks and we will process them for you.


We offer high-quality mixing and mastering of multi-channel recordings. It is not necessary to have recorded the files with us.


We can help you produce your music with ideas, creativity and objectivity.


If you have a sound engineer you want to work with, you can rent our studio and equipment.


We determine the prices based on the length of the project, the musicicians and many other variables, so you can contact us for more information:

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"Music for Bulgaria" is a public benefit foundation. We are here to support the music scene and everyone who wants to develop their musical potential. Any donation goes for the improvement and expansion of our current music projects and for the realization of new ideas. Thanks to everyone who supports us.
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Address: 27 Todor Vlaikov Str, Varna

Phone: +359 894 711622


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