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To use the services and products on the site

1. These general terms and conditions regulate the rights and obligations in the use of a protected product within the meaning of ZAPSP - namely - the use of any of the products and / or services through the site - the software product that implements the use of protected copyrighted content. and the content itself - copyrighted works - audio-visual media products and services, individual elements, video, sound, photographs, texts, other animated elements, graphics, software, code, databases, selection and compilation, etc., which will be called in the contract in its entirety and for short the PRODUCT and / or the products and / or services through the site

2. All rights are reserved and are owned by EOOD, UIC 201340335, with registered office and address of management: Sofia District; Kostinbrod Municipality; 3 Yordan Yovkov Str., which company is the owner and supplier of the Product and for brevity in this contract will be referred to as the SUPPLIER.

3. The PRODUCT is protected in the sense of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, the EU law and the international normative acts, regulating the protection of copyright and related rights, duly accepted and ratified by the Republic of Bulgaria.

4. These general terms and conditions are applied simultaneously with the protective norms of the current Bulgarian legislation and specifically with the Penal Code and the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, insofar as there is no contradiction with the clauses explicitly agreed with these general terms and conditions.

5. Acceptance of the clauses of this contract is a condition for acquiring the right to use the PRODUCT by the USERS, according to its established purpose. The consent of each user is considered given by taking the necessary actions to use the product through the site By taking any actions aimed at using the Product, it is assumed that the user is familiar with these general terms, declares that he accepts them together in any future changes to them, after the publication of relevant changes on the site and undertakes to comply with them unconditionally.

6. The acceptance of these general terms and conditions by each user is considered given only when applying for a PRODUCT free or available by payment in order to use a specific lesson or other parts of the individual and offered on the site products.

7. The consumer of the protected product undertakes to use it only in the established manner and only for the established purposes.

8. Violation of any clause of these general terms and conditions entitles the supplier to apply a sanction, as provided in these general terms and conditions and in accordance with the law.

9. By taking action on the use of the product offered through the site or by paying for the use of the product in the established ways, the person who has legally acquired the right to use the product and any other user, accepts and agrees explicitly and unconditionally with the rights and obligations contained in the clauses of this contract under these general conditions, accepting and undertaking the following:

1. The services offered and provided against payment and request on the site with address (URL) are the following:

1.1. Paid lessons in various music subjects - the lesson can be paid online on the website in order to reserve an appointment.

2. Payment for the services offered on the site

2.1. To use the PRODUCT, it is necessary to perform payment actions in one of the following ways:

1) payment by debit card

2) credit card payment

3) payment on the spot, at the address Sofia, 89 Hristo Botev Blvd.

2.2. The Provider reserves the right to change the prices and packages offered for use of the PRODUCT through the site, and the amount valid at the time of payment of the specific amount by the user is considered valid. In case of change, the announced "Prices and packages" are announced on the site.

2.3. The Provider may, at its discretion, provide as part of its advertising campaigns and / or promotions the opportunity to pay for part or all of the price due for the use of any of the products, through a voucher and / or promotional codes. In such cases, the conditions of payment and use are further determined within the specific advertising campaign. Insofar as it does not provide for special and special conditions, these General Terms and Conditions shall apply.

2.4. Amounts cannot be refunded if a paid lesson is canceled later than 24 hours before the lesson.


3. Use of the services

3.1. Every user wishing to use the PRODUCT should make an appointment by phone or online, at and perform the mandatory steps by filling in the fields, some of which are marked as mandatory, namely: name, email address

(e-mail), phone, where you learned about

3.2. After a successful reservation, each user receives a confirmation email.

3.3. The use of the product is carried out in the RockSchool premises at 89 Hristo Botev Blvd., in Sofia.

3.4. For the technically undisturbed use of the PRODUCT in online lessons, the devices (computer configuration) through which the PRODUCT is used must meet the following minimum technical requirements: P4 3GHz, 2GB RAM, graphics video card, sound card, Windows XP operating system or more new version, internet browsers Firefox 3.5 or higher, Google Chrome 11 or higher, Adobe Flash plugin that supports H.264 video format. For high quality (1280x720 pixels) with a minimum constant speed of the Internet connection of 2.5Mb / s, with standard quality (720x540 or 720x400 pixels, depending on the format of the specific and selected Product) with a minimum constant speed of the Internet connection of 750Kbit/s. The Supplier shall not be liable for the unsatisfactory use of the product caused by non-compliance with the technical requirements and parameters specified in this Article, as well as due to reasons beyond the control of the Supplier.


1. THE PRODUCT (products and / or services through the site is protected copyright content, any infringement of copyright will be sanctioned and prosecuted by the means and methods established by law and criminal, administrative-criminal and civil will be sought. liability for the violation.

1.2. The provider has the right to change the content of the site at any time, as well as the packages.

2. Terms for using a specifically selected and paid by the consumer product.

2.1. Upon payment of several lessons - the PRODUCT is available for use until they are exhausted indefinitely.


1. Any action that in any way infringes in whole and / or in part any of the provisions of these general terms and conditions is considered an infringement of the protected rights to use a protected PRODUCT and copyrighted content and compensation is due. in three times the amount of the damages established by the right holder. The compensation is due regardless of the other sanction consequences for the violator and his liability under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria.

2. The supplier is not responsible for:

2.1. unsatisfactory use of a Product or service of EOOD, caused by non-compliance with the parameters specified in these general terms and conditions, as well as due to reasons beyond the control of the Provider;

2.2. the functionality of the User's data network, nor for their hardware and software, as well as for the functionality of the public Internet network when giving online lessons;

2.3. any possible damages incurred for the Users, if the Users have not been informed in due time about changes due to their irregular use;

2.4. for erroneous payment by Users of amounts;

3. These General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the date of their publication, namely: 10 January 2020.

Explanation of some words and concepts:

The following words and expressions are used in this contract under the general conditions in the following sense:

1) - Internet site (page), through which paid and / or free access to a certain PRODUCT (music lesson) is provided.

2) Online video lessons - are music lessons that are conducted via Skype or other video software.

3) General conditions - this Agreement under general conditions for use of the website (page) and the products offered on it.

4) User - The user and/or user of the website (page) and the products offered on it.

5) Prices and packages - a tariff that determines the prices in specific figures, due by users for using a service of their choice or a user package of services through the site

6) Price - the specific amount due by the user for a specific use of a product or service chosen by him through the site

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