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How do I book a lesson?
- The registration of a lesson is most often done through our online system, on-site with us or by phone at 0894 711 622. When you book an online lesson - our team will call you for confirmation.

What lessons do you offer?
- We offer lessons in electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar, drums, singing, piano, violin, heavy vocals, studio work, Rhodope bagpipe, music theory, saxophone, flute, accordion, rehearsals with a mentor and online version of all listed

Is there an age limit?
- We do not have an age limit, as our desire is leading. We have group lessons for the youngest musicians from 2 to 5 years old. Everyone is welcome

Can I come to classes if I am an absolute beginner?
- Absolutely! There are both complete beginners and advanced students among our students, and we approach the path that each of them wants to follow individually.

What is the price of music lessons and how is it paid?
- The standard price of the lessons is BGN 25, and for each first lesson, only BGN 13 is paid. All lessons after the first one are prepaid. It can be paid in cash on the spot, by card, by bank transfer or bitcoins

Are the lessons individual or in a group?
- The lessons are most often individual, giving the opportunity for lessons in pairs, and we also have group lessons for the youngest students from 2-5 years of age.

Are any study materials, "homework", independent assignments or exercises provided?
- Each teacher has an individual approach to teaching, and setting "homework" depends on the desire of students. Study materials are provided during the class, and you can buy from us on the spot or you will be recommended literature.

What discounts do you offer?

  • bring a friend - 1 free lesson for every friend you bring who takes a lesson with us;
  • half an hour lesson - BGN 13;
  • gift voucher for 1 lesson - BGN 25;
  • a lesson for two students in one hour - BGN 36;
  • a family lesson within one week - BGN 40;
  • prepay 10 lessons and get 1 free - BGN 250;
  • annual cards with one lesson per week Rock Star - BGN 900/12 months, you save BGN 300;
  • annual cards with two lessons per week Rock Legend - 1800 BGN / 12 months, you save 600 BGN.

How often is it optimal to attend classes?
- Most of our students come 1 or 2 times a week and we recommend this as optimal. Of course - it all depends on your time, capabilities, desire and the result you want to achieve as an end goal

Do I have to carry my instrument to the lessons?
- Not required, as we have tools that you can use during lessons. Of course - if you have your own - you can carry it and conduct your lessons with it if you want.

Do you teach lessons in English?
- Almost all of our teachers also teach in English.

How should I cancel a booked lesson, if necessary, and how long in advance should I inform you?
- You can cancel a lesson at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson, and it is good to call 0887666622 or e-mail if you can not contact us. If you do not notify the cancellation of your lesson in time, you must pay for it, as your teacher remains committed to you.

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