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Imagine a place that makes friendships happen. A place that inspires and makes things easier for people who want to grow as musicians. A place that unites people and makes dreams come true. This place is RockSchool!

What is RockSchool?

RockSchool is music community that connects people who love music. Our mission is to create and develop the Bulgarian music scene and help people grow not only as musicians but also as individuals.

RockSchol is part of "Music for Bulgaria" - a non-profit organization (ID 007/06.12.2012). Despite sounding very formal, our idea is simple: we registered our foundation because we don't want to work for profit but to invest all earnings back into ideas and projects. The projects that we have developed so far:

RockSchool Varna - music community, school and rehearsal. In Varna we teach guitar, bass, drums, singing, piano, violin and music theory. We form bands and we organize concerts.

RockSchool Sofia - music community and school. We form bands and we organize concerts. We teach guitar, bass, drums, piano, singing, violin, bagpipe, music theory, heavy vocals and studio recording.

The Stage - a place for the love of the arts. We offer a venue for concerts, rehearsals, workshops, discussions, seminars and other interesting events. We have a stage and a professional P.A. We also offer equipment for rent.

Urban House Studio - our recording studio where we record and produce music

thUnderground - media for Bulgarian underground music which we just started.

With our activities and projects we want to create a "neverending cycle" of opportunities for musicians; learning an instrument, rehearsals, connecting with other musicians and forming a band, taking part in concerts, professional recording of singles, videos and albums, etc.

Why do we give so much energy and love in what we do?

Because we believe that music makes the world better and we want it to reach the hearts of as many people as possible.

How is that music makes the world better?

It makes people better. Music is a great life teacher. If we give in to it, music could help us live in harmony with ourselves and the world, teaching us to PLAY in life and return to our child joy.

In our current educational system, class after class, grade after grade, they program us that in life we should be chasing goals with the idea that the next this will bring joy and inner harmony. But goals come and go and happiness they give is short and impermanent. This continues until we grow old and our vital energy leaves us.

Music teaches us the opposit as music is not a goal, it is not a destination. Music is just a game which happens on the spot, without thinking of the future and past. A game where there is no right or wrong. Just as life itself is. Or as it should be.

If we learn to PLAY music on a deep level; we could also learn to PLAY life. And joy and harmony will thrive within us and the world.

This is what we teach our students.

RockSchool Values

Here are our values which we follow not only with our work in RockSchool but in our lives as well:

  • Have a good heart and be humble.​ We want to work with good people. This is the trait we admire the most. An organization full of good people will always provide the best service to people who get in contact with RockSchool. We also believe part of this is humbleness. No matter how good or talented a person is, they should always treat others with respect and never be arrogant.
  • Be Creative and Оpen­-minded.​ We love a wild imagination and thinking out of the box. We encourage the people who work with us to unlock as much of their potential as possible. We believe that happens when they have the freedom to express their creativity and make mistakes.
  • Love and drive change.​ We are a super energetic and dynamic team. We are always thinking of new ideas and developing them. This helps us grow and develop and tha change happens naturaly.
  • Do more with less We love efficiency and we always try to make the most of what we have. Sometimes around this value miracles happen.
  • Work Hard.​ Hard work to us means to see results, not living in the office.

  • Be honest in communication.​ We value and admire honesty in every human contact. We are honest and direct in our communication with eachother.
  • Be fun and friendly​. We are all friends here and we treat each other as such. We try to create as much fun around our job because that way it stops being a job and starts being a game.
  • Attention to detail.​ Details is what makes a picture really beautiful.

Founder of RockSchool

Everything began one summer when an idea came to me (Melina Krumova) that Sofia needs a creative musical place where people can learn, share and experience music together. Step by step I started building this place and I realized that music for me is becoming a mission and I want to devote my life to help it. Gradually I met other people who shared this idea. Today I love RockSchool and I give my time, creativity and energy to make it better.

Our activities from last year

HERE you can see all our activities and adventures from 2015.

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  • Мелина, която учи на любов чрез музиката

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  • Melina Krumova and mission RockSchool

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